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TMP Reviews: The Fighter

From TMP:

This is not your typical boxing movie. The Fighter trades punches for passive aggression, jabs for guilt inducement, and uppercuts for underhanded remarks. The Fighter’s not about overcoming the other man in the ring; it’s about overcoming family.

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JL4174d ago

"extraordinary acting wrapped up in a good movie"
That was exactly my thought. Still gotta write my review on this movie (just saw it the other day), but that's exactly how I felt. After hearing so much about it, I was almost let down. But it's still a good movie, decent. Just I felt it was one of those movies that where the performances outshined the movie itself. Sluggish at times, no real connection to the main character, this in turn took away from the triumphant feel that should have been there in the end (kinda like how you feel in the Rocky movies--or at least the first few).

So all in all, pretty good movie. Damn good acting. Bale is an absolute beast. He completely owned that movie. Then of course Amy and Melissa did very nicely as well.