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Anne Hathaway Confirms Dark Knight Rises Competition

ContactMusic writes:
Anne Hathaway is in "competition" for a role in 'The Dark Knight Rises'.

The 'Love & Other Drugs' actress is believed to be in competition with a number of stars for a leading female role in the movie, including Natalia Portman, Keira Knightley and Blake Lively, and she has confirmed there is a possibility she could be in the forthcoming Christopher Nolan-directed Batman movie.

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Crazay4171d ago

If this holds to be true, I am less than amused by this potential casting choice.

-Mezzo-4170d ago

I really do not fell good about this, i don't see her fitting in perfect;y in the movie.

darklordzor4170d ago

As much as I like Hathaway I don't see her working in this movie. Who knows, Nolan does know what he's doing so I trust him completely on these things.

Crazay4170d ago (Edited 4170d ago )

I can't say that i like anything about her. I'm not particularly impressed with her body of work nor do I think she could be of any use in the new Dark Night aside from being Bruce Wayne's new flavor of the week who gets killed or we only see in 1 scene and that's all.

I trust Nolan too, so I'm trusting that this is just a courtesy audition because her agent asked for the opportunity.

N4OGs4170d ago

like that crazy girl who is with the joker in the cartoons.

Crazay4170d ago

I reckon you're thinking Harley Quinn. And I really really hope not.

darklordzor4169d ago

Agreed...Although I think she could actually do pretty good in that role, I just don't want to see Harley Quinn in this movie.

pwneddemocrat4169d ago (Edited 4169d ago )

I'm really happy about this.
i really love her work and i think she fits fine in a dark movie

see a glimpse of her movie Rachel getting married there's darkness in her character there that's amazing.

anyways, she's better than Holmes n Gyllenhaall by far in terms of looks and acting.

besides, everyone Nolan took for a role in batman was received with critics but they all end up doing a superb job ( example The Joker ) so, im happy for this.