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5 Questions TRON: Legacy Should Have Answered

TRON: Legacy is out, but while it delivered visually, the story left something to be desired. TMP has made a list of the 5 biggest unanswered questions (and plot holes) that the movie should have addressed.

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darklordzor4175d ago

The biggest one for me was the portal...what a huge plot gap. Totally didn't make any sense.

GodsHand4174d ago

When you know something is there you tend to prob for more information. If something is out of sight, and hidden, people tend to let it be.

If a company said we have the best security on the face of the planet, no one can hack our system, then some people will try to do just that, hack the system. But if a company did have the best security system on the face of the planet, but does not annouce it to the world, most would not bother trying to attack the system to see if it's true.

I have not seen the movie yet, but plan too.

"Why is Clu 2.0 evil?"

" totally get the flawed logic he has behind wanting to create a perfect world (as Kevin Flynn instructed him to do), and that is what makes him destroy the miraculous digital race of ISOs."

I don't think it's evil, it just lacks common sence, it flawed by its program AI. Like if I booted into DOS, and said delete *.*, it would delete everything, not questioning my intentsions, and procced to delete while at the same time causing the system to run erratic because of files(drivers) needed to run certain apps right. Now if you had another program to monitor that, it would bring up a red flag and give you a warning about such consequences, and see if you want it to continue. So in insence, the fault lies with the user, and the program is just doing what it was written to do.

"Why do the programs hate Users now?"

"The problem is, this idea really needed to be explained. In the first film, the Users are essentially dieties to the programs on the grid. Everyone looks up to the Users and the things they are capable of."

Just like in life people lose faith in something they belived in, but things not going there way, and running into hardtimes.

I lost faith in God before, because of difficulties I faced in the past, but once I realized it has nothing to due with beliving, it has to do with doing, I put the blame back on myself, where it should of been in the first place.

"How could the ISOs be completely wiped out?"

"They needed no one to make them, they simply created themselves. This is what causes the problem. In his quest to create a perfect world, Clu 2.0 commits genocide on the ISOs since they were anomalies, and thus uncontrollable. But if these things managed to create themselves, why couldn't they come back just as easily?"

They most likely share the same principals of a computer virus, programs create a virus from time to time, most non harmful, while other will run havoc on a system. Now while the programe itself was meant to do something from user input, sometimes it can create an error, or virus, which in a sence manifested itself.

GodsHand4174d ago

Con't from above.

"How did Tron return to the "Light Side"? "

"The problem here though, is it's not explained how this happened. One minute he's shooting the heroes light jet out of the sky, and then literally 2 minutes later (if even that much) he has one line of flashback dialogue go through is head and he switches sides."

I see this as his soruce code over ridding the new set of protcols. His main objective from the first movie was to monitor the MCP and communication from the outside lines. If you seen the first flim the MCP was accessing every data network it could to improve its intelligence, and run things in an efficent manner. Tron would of alerted it's user about the MCP accesing data on the outside (Pentagon). So I belive Tron was created to monitor things, and make sure nothing bad was susposed to happen like a police officer to enforce laws, and abid by them.

These are just my opinions. They could be very wrong, and these questions could be answered in the DVD/Blu ray via a directors cut.

darklordzor4174d ago

But that's the thing, these are things the movie should have taken the time to answer. As it stands they just look like big plot holes. Believe me, I can deduce the answers to these things, but the fact the filmmakers didn't include them shows bad storytelling technique and held the film back a lot.

If you haven't seen the movie, it's hard to really explain everything. Clu 2.0 is a flawed program...that's the point, but it doesn't explain why he's evil. When you see the film, you'll realize that he is evil in the movie; that's just how they portray him. He's malicious, he enjoys killing the other programs and making people nervous. That's not just a flawed's acting evil, which doesn't make sense because he's a program.

Again, the ISOs are explained entirely differently. I really encourage you to see the movie and you'll understand why all of these questions expose problems in the story.

From the outside, yeah there are very good explanations for these things, but in the movie itself, they just don't work...They just did a terrible job of telling the story.

Believe me, I understand the thing about why the programs hate users...however they didn't explain how that mentality switched. They just glossed over it, and didn't show how in Clu was able to turn everyone against the users. It wasn't a big thing, but frustrating based on the original.

As for the portal, that just absolutely made no sense. In one scene they say it was built far away in order to keep people from walking into it...but then the reason Clu needs Flynn's disc is to enter the portal. So if it's just something anyone can walk into (as was explained) then why would Clu need that disc?