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'Paranormal Activity 2' Hits Homes With Unrated Scares and New Footage

Paramount have announced the home release of the supernatural thriller Paranormal Activity 2. The hit sequel will be offered in a Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack as well as a standard DVD edition. The movie will releases on February 8, 2011. With an unrated version and additional found footage included, you’ll be able to bring home all the terror you experienced in the theaters and then some.

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JL4214d ago

I'm curious to see what's different about the unrated edition. Even more so, I'm curious to see what the extra found footage will include. Maybe we'll get a peek at what's to come in the third movie.

darklordzor4214d ago

More than likely the extra footage will just be a set up for the sequel...I doubt it will be a big change for the movie honestly.

Crazay4214d ago

It's seldom that the extra footage is all that exciting or intriguing but I must say that I enjoyed the movie. Am looking forward to this on BluRay

darklordzor4214d ago

Just depends on what it is really. IF it's like LoTR or Avatar, even Watchmen, then yeah, it can be pretty awesome, but for a horror film? It can't be that great.

JL4213d ago

Oh I don't expect a big change or anything. Or even anything awesome. Like I said, I just halfway expect to see some kind of peek/set up for the third movie, which could be cool.

darklordzor4213d ago

Oh yeah, any hint about the next film will be pretty cool. Maybe we'll get a better clue as to what time frame it will be set in.

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Crazay4213d ago

I'm just shocked to find people I can actually talk to about this movie series because none of my friends are into Horror flicks like me so I usually only talk to the wife about it and she doesn't really engage in any real conversation.

I'd like to see a bit of a darker atmosphere in the sequel.

JL4213d ago

Oh I'm definitely a fan of this series. And I enjoy horror flicks in general. Have really enjoyed that Paranormal Activity series though.

I'm not too sure I'd want them to go darker though. Guess it depends on what you mean by darker. I really like the atmosphere they've done with the first too. It's simplistic and just more realistic. I've loved how they kept it simple like that and in turn that makes your imagination go wild.

I just hope they don't go overboard with it or start running it into the ground pumping out half-assed sequels as money grabs each year.

Crazay4209d ago

I love the atmosphere they've established with the series but I think I might like to see something a little more ...aggressive/physical? Each movie has really only had 1 scene where one of the characters actually comes into physical contact with the benevolent spirit.

Regardless of that I do love the series and really look forward to seeing the BluRay edition of this.