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Box Office Top 10 December 17-19: Tron Triumphs

After a couple of slow box office weeks, two films hit the box office strong over the weekend, to give a much needed boost before the end of the year. While TRON came out victorious, Yogi Bear came in for a strong second place.

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darklordzor3931d ago

I'm very saddened that Tron wasn't as good as I wanted...I'm totally expecting this to be it's last big weekend. Who knows, maybe over Christmas, Yogi will pull a Tangled and come out on top.

JL3931d ago

Saddened that Tron wasn't as good as you wanted? In what way do you mean that? Sales-wise? Or quality of the movie itself?

darklordzor3931d ago

Quality...I was really pulling for this movie, and had such high hopes for it, but it just didn't work. The story took too many things as givens, and didn't go into the characters nearly as much as they should have.

It had so much potential, and had all the elements of an epic movie, but they just didn't pull it together.

Visually it was pretty awesome, but I wish it had more than that.

JL3931d ago

See, I knew it wasn't going to really be good. First one sucked (sorry, it did), so I had no idea why people were so hyped about this one. Purely nostalgic reasons I guess, coupled with a bit of "oooh look at the pretty picture" blindness.

But I refused to get excited about it just knowing it was going to turn out to be kinda all style, no substance. Guess my getting that "Speed Racer" feeling all over again for this movie just proved itself right.

darklordzor3931d ago

Well I knew the first one wasn't any good. I never liked it, and nostalgia played no part for me. Just everything I had seen looked so good on this movie.

I went to that TRON Night event where they showed 23 minutes of the footage and I have to say, I was so impressed. More than anything, it was that footage that got me excited, even though I was never a fan of the first film.