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CB - Tron: Legacy 3D Review

CB - It was the summer of 1983, on one of those miserably hot Texas nights which never seems to cool off, when my Dad piled us all in his beat-up old pickup truck and drove to the drive-in theater in the next town over. He paid our entry fee and pulled in, backing the truck up so that its bed faced one of the screens. Everyone hopped in back, put the tailgate down and set up lawn chairs on the Ford’s rusty metal. The feature started, it was Snow White, recently re-issued by Disney.

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barboza4165d ago

It's not everyday that someone takes the time to make a review this personal. I really enjoyed this one. I had forgotten all about the days we'd walk into a local video house and rent a stack of VHS movies AND the VCR to watch them on. Good Times...