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The Five Greatest Movies Based on Video Games

AC: Video games have gained so much popularity over the years that they have become the fodder for many new movies. This isn't a new phenomenon at all as we have seen it happen since video gaming went mainstream but with the many video game movies made, some were not worth wasting your time on.

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darklordzor4211d ago

Honestly, I think this list is a fail. It didn't seem like the writer really did their research on it. Like when they talked about Resident Evil (which the first one is probably the only one deserving to be on the list), the author says, 'they even came out with a sequel for it'...Well, yeah, and then two more after that!

Then the author says the the first Mortal Kombat movie "gave birth to an entire series of movies based on this game". I wouldn't call one sequel a series of movies.

Seriously, some major research needed to be done on this article.