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The Top 15 Leonardo DiCaprio Movies

AC: Whether it's playing a lovesick out of work artist (Titanic), the great Howard Hughes (The Aviator) or an elusive impersonator and con-man (Catch Me If You Can), Leonardo DiCaprio has played a number of different roles, and has definitely not fallen into the stereotype fold.

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JL4173d ago

I was about to serious discard this entire list until I saw the second page. I hope they don't mean that numbering is the ranking though. There's no way in the world What's Eating Gilbert Grape is that far down. To me, that's his best role to date probably. I think he pulled off the retarded role probably better than even Hanks or Penn.

A couple missing off the list: This Boy's Life and The Basketball Diaries.

If I had to do a top 5 (in order), it would probably go:
1. What's Eating Gilbert Grape
2. Catch Me If You Can
3. The Aviatar
4. The Beach
5. Tie between This Boy's Life and Basketball Diaries

Crazay4173d ago

Basketball Diaries was a great flick. DiCaprio was very very good in that movie.Gilbert Grape was also quite an achievement for him.

nevercloser074172d ago

I would go:

Catch me if you can
Shutter Island
Blood Diamond
The Departed
5 is a toss up between a few