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NonsenseFilm Review: Black Swan

Nonsensefilm's Asher Barzaga writes:

"What a beautiful art form ballet is. It’s practically a paradox that ballet is being presented in the form of a Darren Aronofsky film. He does such a good job with grit and utilizing minor horror elements that it’s almost as if ballet and Darren are opposites of each other. After seeing Black Swan however, one realizes that it’s not silly to pair those two. In fact, it results in something truly beautiful. Who would be the star of Darren’s own production of Swan Lake? It is Natalie Portman, who is sure to be at the very least nominated for an Academy Award this year. What else is there? It’s a film that, much like ballet dancers, strives to be perfect; and it’s truly astonishing how far someone will be willing to go in order to achieve that perfection. I’m looking at you two Darren and Natalie."

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