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Top Christmas Movie Moments - WGTC

What are the top Christmas movie moments? We Got This Covered looks at some classic Christmas films and shares some classic moments.

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JL4301d ago

Fail=Not including "The Grinch's small heart grew three sizes that day".

darklordzor4301d ago

Ha! Very of the earliest classic christmas moments. THe rest isn't that bad though.

Crazay4301d ago

Agreed JL but lets not forget Clark Griswold and his excitement when the house finally lights up, when Schwarzenegger's kid realizes he's Turbo Man and gives his highly anticipated toy up to the movies bad guy... Hell, one of the best moments ever "Yippe Kai Yay Mother- Fer.

JL4301d ago

Yes, Clark's lights finally lighting up was a memorable scene. I absolutely loathe Schwarzenegger though so I refuse to watch anything with him in it usually (anymore). So I never saw Jingle All the Way.

Grinch's heart growing though is absolute classic and a must include.

Another touching Christmas moment is when Kevin McCallister gets up the nerve to talk to the old man at the church and finds out he's not evil and has that heart-to-heart moment.

darklordzor4299d ago

Jingle all the way was a fun movie. Very goofy, and not really worth seeing more than once, but it was fun, mindless holiday stuff.