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This Podcast Contains Spoilers: Saw

In the longest, least safe-for-work episode yet, Evan and Frank Anderson take it upon themselves to try to explain why the Saw movies are worth watching, despite what marketing has led you to believe. They also come up with some game ideas, discuss the past and current state of horror films, and expose Twilight's single most nefarious contribution to society.

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RogueCheddar4302d ago

Saw is not worth seeing. Don't see Saw. Get it? Seriously though.

crazytown994302d ago

It definitely has its ups and downs.

darklordzor4301d ago

Wait...UPS and downs. Mostly just the downs. The only up at this point in my mind is that the franchise is finally over.

JL4302d ago

I actually enjoyed Saw. Granted they've run the franchise into the ground a bit, but they've been cool. The first was definitely a fun watch (I guess that sounds a bit sadistic to describe it as fun huh lol). I enjoyed it though. And despite being run into the ground a bit, it's always cool seeing what new traps they come up with. Much like watching Final Destination to see what new kill scenes they come up with. Though I enjoy the Saw franchise more than the Final Destination franchise.

crazytown994301d ago

Damn it, I should have brought Final Destination up on the podcast. I like those movies for the same reason (and THOSE are some Rube Goldberg deaths...), but I prefer that the villains in Saw are actual people with motivations instead, as opposed to an abstract Death Force. It's less satisfying to watch for me if there's no tangible antagonist. It's like making a horror movie in which the monster is gravity or centrifugal force.