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Superman Flashy Costume & Doomsday Concept From Tim Burton

Before Bryan singer directed Superman Returns, Tim Burton was involved in a project called Superman Lives. He wanted Nicolas Cage to play Clark Kent. Kevin Smith was hired as the writer for one revised script. He was eventually let go after he didn't agree with the producer's demand for a giant spider as the main villain.

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darklordzor3934d ago

So glad that they didn't ever get the chance to use the suit. It's just awful looking. I couldn't imagine the actor being able to fight or move around very well in it. I agree with the idea of changing the suit up, but this is bad. I'm very happy this movie never made it.

firefoxprime3934d ago

Nicholas Cage as "Superman"!!???

Thank God, this does not exist.

darklordzor3933d ago

Well, you know at the time this movie was supposed to happen, Nick Cage had been doing the Rock, and Con Air and all those films, when everyone really liked him...So really for the time it wasn't a bad decision at all. It's easy to see now that he wouldn't have been the best choice.

hazelamy3934d ago

i'm all for not always slavishly following the source material, but that is just not superman.

i'm a big fan of burton's work, but if this is where he wanted to take superman, well then i'm glad he never ended up getting the job.

i watched the video where smith talks about nearly getting the superman writing gig, no flying, no cape and none of the other stuff that makes superman, superman, that producer was nuts, and the giant spider?

what made me laugh was asmith describes watching another film from the same producer, wild wild west, and guess what turned up.

Crazay3933d ago

I'm sorry that's just brutal and I can't say that I agree with Dark on "changing the suit". By doing so, you take away one of the most important things that is Superman. His suit is iconic and should never be changed. Blue, Red and Yellow with the S on the front and the cape otherwise it's not Supes.

I'm not the biggest Tim Burton fan myself but he has done some good things in the past and I like creative takes on subject matter but leave the icons alone.

darklordzor3933d ago

But think of how many times it's been changed in the comic books. It's just as iconic there, so why would it be so detrimental to change it for a movie.

This design would have been awful, but I really liked the concept art we were shown for Bryan Singer's possible costume change (the one with the 'S' worked into the cape). It still held to the iconic look, but modernized it a bit to feel fresh and new.

Crazay3933d ago

How many times did the changes in the comic actually "work" though? I'm only asking because I can honestly say that I'm ignorant to such changes. I recall the "Next Superman" books with the dude made of steel, and the kid with the John Lennon glasses and, even the "lightning Superman" taking the helm but can you honestly say that those concepts worked? I remember many people asking "WTF is up with that?"

darklordzor3933d ago

Very true, not all of them worked, but that doesn't mean no other look can be had for Superman.

Oh, lighting Superman...I actually kind of liked that look for his...but I just don't dig the 'emo' look he's got now.

GodsHand3933d ago

Good thing this was not used, I mean com'on, nobody would even notice him in the room. Now the classic outfit, that just screams at you with "Hey, look at me".

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