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TMP Cinema Death Match: Dumbledore vs. Gandalf

TMP is bringing yet another Cinema Death Match, where two characters are pitted against one another in deadly combat. In this edition Gandalf and Dumbledore face off to determine who the best movie wizard is.

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JL3932d ago

I vote Gandalf just because I like him more and his character just seems so much more badass. I think it's actually a point in Gandalf's favor that he doesn't really on magic so much. It makes him seem like that much more of a badass. It's like, here he has all this magic at his disposal, so what's he do? He beats your ass with a sword. It's like the prizefighter who agrees to a bout with a much weaker opponent a chooses to do so with one arm tied behind his back to make it fair. To be fair, you can't really compare what magic is used in the movies as it's widely known that Gandalf isn't allowed the full use of his powers in Middle Earth. Put on a level playing field where Gandalf is allowed full access to his powers as Dumbledore is, there's no telling the limits of Gandalf's powers. Plus he's a demigod really.

On top of that, Dumbledore just uses a lil sissy wand, while Gandalf has this big awesome staff.

And as the ultimate point: clearly Richard Harris and Sir Michael Gambon couldn't even shine Sir Ian McKellen's boots. Combine the two and they don't even compare to Sir McKellen. McKellen also turned down the role of Dumbledore (not wanting to lower himself to that role after opting instead to play the clearly superior and more badass Gandalf).