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Great Debate: What Will Iron Man 3 Be Without Jon Favreau?

CB - When the news broke earlier today that Jon Favreau had walked away from Marvel and would not be directing Iron Man 3, it was obviously huge news for the geek community, but even huger news for our resident Marvel Universe expert Eric Eisenberg, who saw Iron Man 2 with Katey and explained all the Avengers references, and helped her decide whether Mark Ruffalo would make for a good Hulk. With Katey still no Marvel expert, clearly it was time for her to seek advice and understanding from Eric once more.

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GodsHand4177d ago

Does that mean he won't be Tonys Stark butler/chauffeur.

I did not even know he was the director, show you how much I pay attention. I did enjoy the first movie, the second one was decent enough for me to buy. If Spiderman was anything to go buy, then I agree with his stance on not wanting to direct a third film of Iron Man. I do hope though, that the third film is not a major let down, such as Spiderman 3 was.

darklordzor4177d ago

You know, that was the first question I asked when the news broke, "Is he still going to be the bodyguard?" His role was small but so funny, sucks that he won't be coming back. I seriously doubt he'll make time for a cameo like that.

Crazay4176d ago

Favreau really put his heart and soul into the series and for me he took a "C" class Marvel character and thrust him to an "A". Now I actually care about Iron Man whereas before the movies I didn't even pay any attention to him. My impressions are that something soured Favreau and he pulled out. So that leaves a question - "Will Robert DOwney Jr. still want to come back for the 3rd and ultimately the Avengers movie?". Favreau was adamant that RDJ take on the title role and ultimately gave his career the boost he so desperately needed. There must be some bond between the 2.

Without Favreau, the series could lose alot of the care taken to make the character so awesome. I just hope they replace him with someone who understands who/what Iron Man is and they don't screw it up.

darklordzor4176d ago

Totally agree...Iron Man wasn't that big of a character in my mind and now all of a sudden he's huge!

RDJ already has a contract for both Avengers and Iron Man 3 (Avengers is about to start shooting and IM3 is supposed to come out after that), so it's not a question of IF he'll be back. More it's a concern about whether or not his performance will be affected. Will he just phone it in with another director, or give it a try?

JL4175d ago

I'll agree that Iron Man went from C-list to A-list. However, I think I might have to disagree with that being a result of Favreau. If we put the credit on only one man, it would have to be Downey. More accurately though, the studios are probably to be given credit. The reason the character moved from C-list to A-list was because he was given an A-list role rather than being delegated to C-list stature. Simply the studios making him the lead character in a blockbuster movie was the cause for his rise in popularity.

Quite honestly, I don't think Favreau is that great of a director. They can do much better.

Crazay4176d ago

Right - I know he's signed but let's be honest here. Contracts are just a formality to say what that actor will be paid. They get broken all the time. If he wants out, he'll get out. I'm trying to think of who I'd like to see take over the for Favreau and noone comes to mind. Perhaps Kenneth Branagh could take the helm if Thor(another character I never cared about but am suddenly excited to see in action) is as good as it looks.