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Can Russell and Wahlberg's "Fighter" Prove They're Worthy of Making an "Uncharted" Movie?

If you haven't already heard, last week news broke that a possible movie based on the Uncharted series was in the works. Since then countless fans of the beloved series have taken to the internet to vent their discontent with the idea...

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shadow27974183d ago (Edited 4183d ago )

"Last week news broke"?

How about a year ago, Sony announced...

Great journalism there...

Anyway, it sounds like he just wants to make the movies he's already made, with a twist. He knows how to do dysfunctional families, so let's shoehorn it into Uncharted! Sounds like a great idea! /s

I'm not sure how someone can screw up such an easy videogame to movie translation, but leave it to Hollywood to find a way.

darklordzor4182d ago

Ha! I know, the news about the movie itself is old, but the Wahlberg stuff is fairly recent. Let's hope that's what he really meant by that statement.

Again, I'll say that I've got no hope for this film. I was interested in David O. Russell directing, but all of his ideas aren't jiving with the videogame....sad news.

Crazay4182d ago

I don't hate Mark Wahlberg in the least. I think he's made his share of decent to really good movies but to cast him in the role of someone like Nathan Drake is just the worst casting choice I've seen in a very long time for a few reasons.

1) Correct me if I'm wrong but he's barely 5"10 and Nathan always struck me as more along the lines of a slightly above average 6'0+

2.) His voice. I'm sorry but we've all been thinking it and sometimes even wondered how someone could take him seriously just based on the pitch of his voice. I usually laugh when he tries to get all tough guy like he did in The Departed.

3.) Further to that, for some reason he just doesn't strike me as a guy with a "Romantic side". Not that I'm in to romance films in any way, but, if you play Uncharted, there's a chemistry he has that scream sexual tension with his on screen female partners. Marky Mark is just missing something there.

The next obvious question for me is who would I prefer to see in the role? Nathan Fillion is an obvious choice based on what fans and internet users say but I'm still not sold on him either. Why not someone like Nolan North? He voiced the character, and if memory serves he's the inspiration for the overall look of Nathan Drake.