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Player Affinity: Supernatural - Appointment in Samarra Review

Player Affinity writes: "Appointment in Samarra will definitely go down as one of the most epic episodes of the series. Right off the bat, we have Dean going into a shady doctor office to get a “procedure” done. It turns out that Freddy Kruger (guest star Robert Englund) is temporarily killing Dean so he can speak with Death. It’s refreshing to be thrown into the middle of a plan rather than seeing it form and then happening, since there was an added layer of suspense to the show’s cold opening. Death being back on the show is great. He effortlessly oozes power, which is one of the few things that Crowley lacked. Crowley seemed like a conman, while Death is a natural and invincible entity. Although Death isn’t a villain, he is an obstacle, since he’ll only save Sam or Adam and he wants Dean to wear his ring for a day."

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