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Cinema Showdown: December 10-12

The final month of the year is trying to go out with a bang at the theaters. Kicking off this weekend, TheMoviePool analyzes the top 2 new box office contenders this week to showcase what people should see, pass on, and ultimately who will win the weekend.

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JL4177d ago

I actually thought The Tourist might not be so bad. Trailers didn't look too terribly horrible that I saw. But it sure has been getting ripped left and right. Guess I'll definitely be passing on that after all. Dawn Treader I never had any real interest in either. I watched the first movie, that was about it.

darklordzor4176d ago

I was never interested in the Tourist honestly. The trailers didn't give enough info on the plot, instead they focused on the big names in the film, which told me, they didn't have a great plot and new it. After that I lost interest.

I was really sad about how poorly Narnia has been doing. It's one of my favorite book series and I really liked what they did with the first 2 films. Now, even I (a fan) will be waiting until it's out on DVD/Blu-ray.