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An Uncharted Movie Is Pointless

Uncharted 2 borrows a lot from film. In fact, in many ways, it is a film. This begs the question: Do we really need a movie adaptation?

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darklordzor4180d ago

Very nice, and very funny. I think the title says it all though pretty clearly...there is no point for this movie. With all of the stuff David O. Russell has talked about, it seems even more pointless. I'd hate of this movie to ruin the good name of Uncharted and the story it's already established.

majiesto4180d ago

If done correctly (history shows that it's a long shot) an Uncharted movie could bring new fans to the series. I'm sure many non-gamers will be seeing the film when it comes out and who knows, maybe it'll turn them to the game and make them want to know more about the series.

Sure, for gamers and fans of the franchise it may be pointless (and possibly detrimental) but I think if the film is made well *fingers crossed* then it could open up gaming for a whole new audience to not only Uncharted but gaming as well. Hardly pointless I would say.

Still a great read though :)

darklordzor4180d ago

That's the problem, nothing about it says it's been done correctly. Believe me, when I first heard about it, I was incredibly excited. The first game has a great story all on its own, so there's no need to change it up.

It's not just that they are adding in elements that weren't in the game, they are totally changing the dynamics of the characters and the which point it's not an adaptation.

JL4180d ago

I agree with Dark in that respect. I was very much excited for this when I first heard about it. Now, though, it seems like it's one misstep after another. It's all falling apart and you can tell they're slowly ruining it. I don't anticipate this being good. And we're not even going to get a real Drake either. Wahlberg could hardly pull off the personality and wit of Drake. So that there loses most of the appeal for me.

drunkonjudgement4180d ago

I really hope this fails, they are taking the Uncharted series and trying to turn it into an international mob movie. wtf. Loved the Weekend at Bernies reference btw.

darklordzor4180d ago

I'm not sure that's what they're turning it into, but you're right, they are changing it. Really all of their changes are making it sound more like a National Treasure movie.

f7897904180d ago

If there's money to be made, nothing is pointless.

Thabass4179d ago

Joe Pesci and Robert DeNiro? No thank you. This movie will fail.