RiHD - Transformers: Dark of the Moon Teaser

For those of you who hated Transformers 2 you may not care too much about the 3rd in the series that hits theaters next summer. If however, you’re on the other side of that fence, then you might be pretty excited to know that the teaser trailer for the latest movie has finally hit the Internets.

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darklordzor4302d ago

The teaser is...okay. It's not the best, but featured zero explosions, which was a surprise. Maybe this one will turn out to be good. I'm just not sure about the government secrets angle. They already did that pretty thoroughly in the first film (even that teaser had them on Mars). Not sure about it.

PaganNinja4301d ago

this movie will be a turd like the first two

Leio4301d ago

I really enjoy the first one for what it is fun and brainless but the second one is just retarded. Robot jerking anyone ?

Crazay4301d ago

I loved the 1st one and enjoyed the 2nd but not as much as the original. I'm hopeful this movie will be awesome. Robot Jerking - Lest we forget about robot pissing? So there's some toilet humor tossed in there. Everyone likes dick and fart jokes.

Crazay4300d ago

Dude, her replacement is just as smokin' hot. Besides, she didn't add anything to the movie aside from being something extra to look at.