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Snyder's Composer Tyler Bates to Re-Theme Superman?

Recently, rumors had been flying around that Hans Zimmer was to score the new Superman movie Man of Steel. Not only that, but it was being said that Zimmer would even be re-inventing the iconic Superman theme song created by John Williams. However, just the other day, Zimmer came out and denied those rumors stating that he hadn’t even been approached about the project by anyone. This has created something of a buzz about who will do the score and whether or not the Superman theme will indeed be redone.

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darklordzor4180d ago

Sounds like a logical choice, since that is who Snyder uses regularly, but you never know, Zimmer might still come and do it. When he debunked the rumor, he didn't say he'd 'never' do it, in fact he said he'd like to hear from Snyder. So who knows.