Wil Wheaton and Aldis Hodge Talk Leverage With Skewed and Reviewed

Skewed and Reviewed got the inside news from Wil Wheaton and Aldis Hodge during a conference call to promote their appearance on Leverage. Aside from talking Leverage, Wil talked about all things fandom related.

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darklordzor3150d ago

I just can't take the man serious. Since he's done Big Bang Theory, I just can't take him serious. Very funny man.

Garethvk3150d ago

very nice guy as well, he comes on our radio show alot and is in Seattle a couple times a year for things like PAX and The Emerald City Comic con.

darklordzor3149d ago

Wow, that's pretty cool. It's cool that he's a big nerd himself and is so willing to do things like meet with people and even poke fun at himself.

FAT MAN GO BOOM3149d ago

I hate this Fu*king guy and I hope Sheldon Cooper kicks his ass...

darklordzor3149d ago

Ha! Very nice....very nice.