A Glimpse of What Doomsday Could Have Looked Like In a Superman Film

The concept artist who worked on Superman Returns has posted new unused concept art from the film on his Facebook. The artwork shows us what Doomsday may have looked like on film, as well as a revamped suit for the Man of Steel.

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darklordzor4320d ago

Doomsday is kind of...interesting. He definitely looks nothing like the one from the comics, but I don't think that's a bad thing either. Really, he'd just look, like the Hulk with spikes, so I could see why they would be eager to change it.

Personally, I think the Superman costumes are awesome. I would have loved to see those in a movie. It keeps a very similar style to the classic costume, but is a little more modern.

FAT MAN GO BOOM4320d ago

I like the update of the look of doomsday... they need a revamp of this sries and bring it in to a darker place...

darklordzor4320d ago

That's what I was thinking. I've read a lot of people online talking about how terrible it looks because it's not an exact comic translation. I think an updated look, something a tad more menacing/alien and less comic bookish and Hulk-esque, would be perfect.

blur994319d ago

Well Doomsday is about as dark as it gets in the comics.
It is a good idea they made changes to "it" because it is difficult for Doomsday to be transfered to the screen. I hope they change some of his abilities too.
Doomsday is also a great character for a Superman movie.

Sunny_D4320d ago

I liked the Doomsday they had for the animated movie, Superman:Doomsday.

JL4319d ago

I like the Doomsday art. Looks good. It would be interesting to see that in a Superman movie. I'm not so much a fan of those Superman concepts though. I mean they look pretty cool, but something about the "belt" throws me off. That's the only problem I have with them. Just doesn't sit right. The first two...just, I don't know. Just doesn't seem right. And that last one, it just looks like he has some giant belly button ring/stud that sticks out through his costume. Other than that belt redesign though, I do like them. The modification on the emblem in the last one really looks good.

blur994319d ago

I don't know why they changed his costume in the first place. It looks fine. It works fine in a movie without being too "cartoony".