NonsenseFilm Review: Tron Legacy

NonsenseFilm's Andrew Jones writes:

'I’m sure when people left the cinemas in 1982, having just sat through “Crap even in it’s day” film Tron, they thought, “I’d love to see a sequel to that, but, without any of that silly human stuff, ok, maybe set the plot up, if any, but, throw on some of that glorious “Crap in it’s time” CGI, some red cyan 3D glasses, and make Jeff Bridges look the same age, with prosthetics” Yeah, they’d go and see that.

Fast forward to December 2010, and many of those elements are still there, because I made them up for the sake of the review. So, what does Tron: Legacy, ballsy enough to call itself Tron in the opening title shot (With the pulling of the DVDs of the original in the US it’s like they don’t want you to remember the original. And why would they?) become, a sum of it’s parts, an amalgamation of cinema’s coolest moments, or a complete non-starter?'

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darklordzor4182d ago

What the heck? The movie I'm looking forward to and think will be great is getting bad reviews, yet the terrible looking film is getting good ones. I'm so confused!