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Drunk on Judgement - The Warrior’s Way Review (That Cowboys vs. Ninjas Movie)

Drunk on Judgement: Pretty much all I could glean from the trailers for The Warrior’s Way was that it has something to do with cowboys vs. ninjas. No one needs more than that honestly, but the film’s plot turned out to be surprisingly complex. While The Warrior’s Way doesn’t have the smallest budget in the world, it’s clearly a limited one, but the filmmakers spent what they had in all the right places.

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darklordzor4186d ago

Wow, another good review for it. I can't believe it...all that I've read and seen has pretty much said it's garbage. I guess I might have to give it a chance.

drunkonjudgement4186d ago

Dude I was fully expecting garbage, just some throw away studio money grab, not the case.

darklordzor4185d ago

Not sure how it could be a money grab since it's an indie film, but I totally get what you're saying.

TheDigitalNinja4186d ago

I could only see someone saying it was garbage if they went in expecting and wanting a wire fu classic martial arts style movie. I however loved the fighting style and over the top mysticism.

Even if you don't like kung fu movies I'd say this would still pass as not bad.