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Watch 6 Minutes From Narnia: Voyage Of The Dawn Treader

Aslan returns to theaters this week for what will almost certainly be the last Narnia adventure every to hit the big screen. Even if the film does well, the prevailing opinion in Hollywood is that this franchise has already gone as far as it can go, and there’s plenty of concern that this third installment may not make much of an impact with audience. Interest has waned considerably since the first movie debuted to considerable fanfare back in 2005.

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darklordzor4180d ago

Can't wait! I love the Narnia books and am very much looking forward to this one. I hope it does well and we can see the rest of the series on the big screen as well.

blur994178d ago

I read the Narnia books for school and really like them. The films are sadly overshadowed by the Harry Potter films I think.
The books also were made into tv movies a while back too. I saw it on PBS.

darklordzor4178d ago

Yeah, I remember watching those when I was little. They were british made. They weren't that great, but they were kind of fun to watch.