Dark Knight Rises Script Due Monday

CB - As part of our ongoing effort to so enthusiastically cover every miniscule detail of The Dark Knight Rises until our excitement for the film becomes self-aware, here’s the latest on the movie’s script: It’s supposed to be done Monday. Actually the way Chris Nolan tells it, his script is due Monday or “he’s in big trouble”.

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Sunny_D4182d ago

Wow, I really hope they do really good with the 3rd movie. This will most likely not come out in 2011, so it will be 3 years since TDK.

darklordzor4182d ago

They've already announced a release date for this one. It's sometime in 2012. I can't remember the exact date, but they already have one.

darklordzor4182d ago

Hmmm...I could have sworn I read something somewhere, about the script not being due until January...maybe that's just when the actors get it and I got confused. The quicker it's done the better!