Reviews in HD - Must See Christmas Movies

Reviews in HD says:

Around our house, we take Christmas very seriously. As soon as we blow out the candle on our Jack-o-lantern, we start cataloging our decorations and planning when we can crack out the movies in preparation of the big day. With a little girl, it seems that we’re a little more excited about everything than we used to be.

We’ve taken the liberty of providing you our list of movies we never miss and neither should you or your family.

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mvern784187d ago

A great list of must see Holiday movies, however I could do without: The Polar Express and Shrek The Halls.

But I would add: Home Alone 2 - Lost in New York, Charlie Browns Christmas and White Christmas.

darklordzor4187d ago

Shrek the Halls I thought was actually pretty good (much better than the last couple movies they put out) although I don't think that should count as a movie since it's only a 30 minute show.

Crazay4187d ago

Home Alone 2 didn't make my list because I can live without it. It was all the same gags in the city that never sleeps. Sure it was still funny but not nearly as fun as the original.

Charlie Brown is THE WORST character I've ever seen. Can't stand him and his "Woe is me. I'm so Emo before emo came out" attitude.

I have to admit that I never saw White Christmas so if it's ever on Tv this year, I'll be sure to check it out.

You're right that it's not technically a movie but it's def. something I love watching and it kinda puts me into the Christmas mood. I've easily seen it about 10 times since it came out in 2007 and my daughter has seen it twice now and actually requests it at 17months so i think it's officially a part of our family tradition of shows to watch now.

darklordzor4187d ago

Agreed. Home Alone 2 is more of the more of the same. I didn't really like it nearly as much.

JL4187d ago

I agree as well. Home Alone 2 just isn't the same. The franchise dropped off quit a bit from 1 to 2. Then part 3 absolutely bastardized it. Home Alone is always a great movie for the holidays though. It's even the 20th anniversary of the movie this year (I've even got an interview in the works with "Buzz McCallister" to commemorate).

I have to disagree about Charlie Brown though. Charlie Brown's Christmas is awesome.

Never seen White Christmas either. Never been a fan of Crosby so much, and don't particularly care for musicals either.

Crazay4187d ago

- What's your list of must see Christmas movies look like?

darklordzor4186d ago

Oh man, I don't think I'd be anywhere near a top 10. In my heart and mind there's only one Christmas movie for me: Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

I love it! I like other christmas movies, but that's the only one I 'have' to watch or else it just doesn't feel like christmas. I might come up with some others for you though :)

bjh0894187d ago

wheres charlie brown at i remember the christmas movie. cb ftw!!!!!!!!

JL4187d ago

Pretty decent list here. A Wonderful Life, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, Grinch, Rudolph, A Christmas Story, Scrooged. All absolutely must-see movies for the holidays.

You missed another absolute must-see though. One of the best Christmas movies of all time. Miracle on 34th Street. In fact, not only is it a great Christmas movie, but it's also a damn fine legal drama.

Crazay4187d ago

LOL - A Damn fine legal drama eh? That's funny because I never thought about it like that before. Are you talking the original or the remake from the early 2000s with the little girl from Mrs.Doubtfire?

JL4186d ago

I'm talking about the original from 1947. Seriously though, watch it and you'll see it's a very nice courtroom drama as well. I wouldn't put it up there with To Kill a Mockingbird or 12 Angry Men or even Anatomy of a Murder or My Cousin Vinny, etc. But it is a good movie in that genre that can hold its own with the likes of Amistad or A Civil Action or The Verdict.