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Tangled Outgrows Potter at Box Office

It was hairy vs. Harry once again at this weekend's box office, but this time the Disney toon Tangled came out on top.

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darklordzor4181d ago

Wow! I'm very surprised by this one. I expected HP to stay at the top spot until Tron or maybe even Narnia came out. Very interesting. It's still making loads of money, but I was hoping for a longer run at the top.

Sunny_D4181d ago

Well, lots of kids love to watch their Disney movies and WILL drag their parents to the theater. So that also counts as extra tickets.

darklordzor4180d ago

Yeah that's true. Just strange to see it hit number 1 in it's second week. A very unexpected come back.

Cat4180d ago

I wonder if other H.P. fans - like me - are skipping the movies these days. They're such a disservice to the books that you have to be either so hardcore an H.P. fan that you don't care, or just an H.P. movie never-read-the-books fan.

Plus...I really want to take my niece to see Tangled :)

darklordzor4179d ago

I disagree. I'm a huge fan of the books, and on the whole I've been very impressed with how they've handled the adaptations. With so much material, it's not easy, so there are plenty of compromises that have to be made, but I think they've done a great job.

I appreciate them as 2 different things. They tell essentially the same story, but in their own ways. They both work well, but it is a matter of separating yourself from the books (and sticking so close to them) in order to enjoy the story they've managed to tell visually.