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Piranha 3DD: Sequel Greenlighted

Piranha 3D, a remake of the 1978’s original and a surprise summer blockbuster hit about prehistoric piranhas devouring unsuspecting holiday makers in Lake Victoria is now had a sequel green lighted. It's been given a release date of September 16th 2011, just a mere 13 months after its predecessor.

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lukasz4314d ago

i saw a lot of movies with the same thing happening but this might be better and its in 3d

Sunny_D4314d ago

Didn't they already have a remake for this movie? I thought it was the one with Jerry O connell? I thought it flopped. Oh well...

darklordzor4314d ago

Yes, this movie is actually the sequel to that film. It did flop, but became a sort of cult classic, so the studios decided to give this a sequel...I'm sure it will be equally as bad and have twice the nudity.

DempseySanders4314d ago

I'm wondering if the current title for sequel will stay as Piranha 3DD or gor with the obvious Piranah 3D2.

darklordzor4313d ago

Everything I've seen so far is saying it's called 3DD. Personally I think it sounds stupid, but with all of the nudity that's sure to be in this one, having 'Double D' in the title oddly makes sense.

pwneddemocrat4314d ago

the first movie had the best funny scene in a long time

Police officer :" this is a highly dangerous area, you must leave the sea "

drunk dude : " dont worry we got beer over here! "
and jumps in sea lol

that scene made my day