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EXCLUSIVE: Spider-Man Gets a Set of Parents and Another Villain

As the new Spider-Man reboot comes closer to filming the cast is starting to flesh out. Now it seems that two actors have been cast as Peter Parker's parents, and a confirmation on a second villain has happened.

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Sunny_D4320d ago

Oh great. They add characters that barely came up in the comics. And more than 1 villain? Spider man lost it's touch with the pacing when they added 3 villains in part 3. Well, maybe 2 is the sweet spot. If TDK did it, it's possible for Spider man, I guess.

darklordzor4319d ago

I'm not upset about the 2 villains. Actually I think it could work out and still be good. I am very concerned about his parents being in the film. Unless it's a brief cameo that explains how they died and then that's it, I don't think it's a good idea.

lukasz4319d ago

i like the idea of the new villain because it will be more interesting and a new thing

FAT MAN GO BOOM4318d ago

Spider man needed to be shevled for a while before making a reboot same with the hulk...

flooding the market with comic book movies is going to kill the market or people wanting to see them... only comic heads will want to see them...

Sunny_D4318d ago

You are right. It seems producers really don't want to try and make a story of their own now. They rather take an idea that was already made and turn it into a live action movie.

darklordzor4317d ago

Yes! I've been saying this for a while now. CBM's used to have the same stigma as videogame movies, they all sucked. But then when they started getting them right, the studios have latched onto them. With Thor, Captain America, Avengers, another Batman, new Superman, Green Lantern, 2 new X-Men films, all within the next 2 years, the market is getting crowded. I'm just not as interested in them as I used to be, and I love comics.