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Hitfix Review - 'Tron: Legacy' Dazzles Visually, But Ultimately Disappoints

Hitfix - In the end, it is not a film that I find truly awful. There are too many things in it that I enjoyed looking at or listening to, and I assume the soundtrack will end up in permanent rotation in my car. I plan to see the film at least one more time in IMAX with some friends, just so I can look at the way Kosinski played with the aspect ratio in the IMAX version, and just so I can bask in the surface of the film one more time. But the disappointments of the movie are real and profound and insurmountable, and the various elements of the film just don't add up.

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darklordzor4316d ago

Hmm....most of what I've seen has been positive. Interesting and kind of a bummer. The story is what I was worried most about, hate to be right about that though.

Sunny_D4316d ago

I think I knew that it would get mixed reviews. Scores seem to be random.

darklordzor4315d ago

Yeah they do seem to be going all over the place. I was really hoping for positive all around, but this isn't really going to stop me from going to see it.

hazelamy4315d ago

this is one of those films that i will definitely go see, no matter what the reviews said, even if it got totally negative reviews across the board i'd still be in the queue opening day to see the film.

DempseySanders4314d ago

Will be watching this myself even though I'm constantly hearing things don't add up in the movie which is a real shame.