JoBlo - Tron: Legacy Review

JoBlo - I saw the original TRON as a little kid wearing footie pajamas. I got to visit the set and wear Rinzler's (Anis Cheurfa) helmet. I've ooh'd and ahh'd along with the rest of you while footage was played at Comic Con and checked out the price of the custom made lightcycles on eBay, just in case I won the lottery. And like many of you, I started to get a bit worried by the sheer amount of studio lead up to the film. Early press days, 20 minutes of footage screened over and over, pop-up stores, something released every other day started to seem like overkill. So when I sat down to watch TRON: LEGACY, I admit, I was worried. But it's TRON, right?

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Sunny_D3948d ago

Hmmm, that's an average score for the movie. I wasn't expecting it to be amazing anyways, since it's Disney.

lukasz3948d ago

i dont like disney movies most of them are to babyish

lukasz3948d ago

but kind of looking forward to the reaction of people