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It's Official: Aaron Eckhart Won't Be In 'The Dark Knight Rises'

MTV: Even though Aaron Eckhart himself confirmed that his character in "The Dark Knight" was no longer among the living in Christopher Nolan's big-screen Batman universe, that hasn't stopped everyone from wondering if we'll see Harvey Dent (a.k.a. Two-Face) again in "The Dark Knight Rises."

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-Mezzo-4185d ago

Damn, this is sad, i love him as an Actor & love his Part in the Dark Knight, i was really looking forward to his part in the next movie.

They could have done so much with his character, from where it left off in the last movie.

darklordzor4185d ago

I don't get how this continues to be news. He's said it several times in the past that Two-Face is dead, and so has Chris Nolan. What does it take for everyone to finally believe them. I thought this was settled long ago.

lukasz4184d ago

why are they making a new one i still dont get it there has been so many