'Dredd' Footage To Be Shown At Kapow

DigitalSpy - Exclusive footage from Pete Travis's Dredd will be shown at Mark Millar's Kapow! Comic Con in April.

Producer Andrew Macdonald - whose credits include Trainspotting and The Last King Of Scotland - will give fans a sneak preview of the movie reboot at the London event.

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darklordzor3781d ago

I wonder if the footage will look like the pics we've been shown so far...all fan-film like.

-Mezzo-3781d ago

I just hope it's good.

Sunny_D3781d ago

I never heard of it. I wonder what it's about. Looks it up*

darklordzor3780d ago

It's based on the comic books and will hopefully be better than the Stalone Judge Dredd movie.

FAT MAN GO BOOM3781d ago

I am so looking forward to an update fo this movie it is and was a really good comic book... adn the las movie was not all that bad but I would love to see what they do with it and if they can make it darker like batman...

lukasz3780d ago

i hope its not a waste of time it should be good and really looking forward to it

darklordzor3780d ago

Sorry to be the downer in here guys, but nothing about this is looking good. The first pics from the film look terrible, the costume isn't fitting him, and it just seems like it's going to fail. I have no hope for this film at all.

lukasz3779d ago

ifits not good i dont know what im going to do i havint seen much good movies this year