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The Dark Knight Rises: What We Know

The rumor mill has been in full force over the forthcoming Dark Knight sequel. With all of the rumors and actual news flying around, it's hard to keep up with what's actually happening with this film. TheMoviePool has decided to make it a little easier and has compiled all of the known facts of the film so far, into one easy spot.

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lukasz4193d ago

for me there is way to many batman movies didint really enjoy much of them

darklordzor4193d ago

YEah but these last couple (and this final one from Nolan) have been so drastically different from the original Batman franchise that it's hard to include them in the same series. They really can be seen as separate movies. In that regard they don't seem like that many.

And how did you not like the Dark Knight? I think you'd be the first person I'd ever hear that from.

darklordzor4193d ago

Honestly, I'm getting tired of the Batman rumors. They are too wild, and too many. I remember the days where news wasn't reported until it was confirmed by the filmmakers. Oh well, this list will help sift through the deluge at least.

I find it more interesting that most of the news about TDKR is what's NOT in it as opposed to what IS in it.

lukasz4192d ago

the original batman is the best thats what i think totally no need for this