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The Flow Of Money Through The Film Industry

MySpace - The film industry is a money making machine and we wanted to take a look inside how the money flows in that machine. From top grossing movies like Toy Story 3 or Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest by Walt Disney Pictures to how actors and actresses get paid. And, we know you want to know just how much Johnny Depp made last year, don't you?

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-Mezzo-4182d ago

WOW< this was an informative image.

Sunny_D4181d ago

Lol at the source. Myspace. Does anyone still use it anymore? Facebook is the new rage nowadays. But, that is a pretty cool chart. Wow, Sony is in 3rd overall most money making studios. Didn't expect that.

lukasz4181d ago

i like the idea of that story very well writen