Kate Winslet To Move To London With Estranged Husband Sam Mendes as He Shoots New Bond Movie

The new James Bond movie will be a family affair for Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes.

The Oscar-winning film-maker is expected to direct Daniel Craig in the latest 007 adventure some time towards the end of next year, with the production likely to be based, as usual, at Pinewood film studios.

Kate revealed that their son Joe, seven, and Kate’s daughter Mia, ten, will move to the UK with her for the period of filming.

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FAT MAN GO BOOM4189d ago

Well it is good that that the mother and father can see that having both parents in the kids lives is important and are making so that they both can have a career and still be both involed with their children..

Sunny_D4189d ago

It indeed is. I wouldn't want to sacrifice my relationship with my family for my work.