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Eight Must See Christmas Movies

Unreality Mag - I’m sure many of you are at work right now staring at the clock. You’re just waiting to get out early to beat the Christmas traffic. You can’t wait to get home, sit in front of the fire, have that big family dinner, cozy up in front of the fireplace and watch movies until Christmas day. Am I right? Actually no. It’s only Dec 2nd but it’s never too early to think about Christmas.

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FAT MAN GO BOOM4184d ago

WTF Bad Santa??? Home Alone??? and Elf???

Come off it people there are a 100 times better movies than this out there for Christmas and these movies here are not even a poor choice some just suck balls of holly

darklordzor4184d ago

Ha! Interesting way of putting it. I agree, these aren't exactly the best films, and many wouldn't get you in the holiday spirit. The best ones for me are the old school animated ones. Nothing gets me in the spirit like those.

Sunny_D4184d ago

I liked Elf, but yeah you're right. They should instead something better. But, Home Alone is a classic.

darklordzor4183d ago

True, Home Alone is one of those movies that just has to be watched around the holidays. I know it's the big one for my wife to watch around this time of year.

lukasz4184d ago

home alone i saw that like 50 times its n 5 times a year

lukasz4183d ago

i saw all the movies mentioned in that only some parts of each movies are good

DempseySanders4183d ago

Loved Home Alone especially the second one. Some choices there I'm surprised to see make it.

darklordzor4183d ago

I just didn't care for the second one. It seemed more like Home Alone Again instead of a full sequel. Way too similar. I say the first one is still best.

darklordzor4183d ago

Where's the love for Santa Claus is Coming to Town? That claymation movie was way better than Rudolph. Oh well, Christmas Vacation is a fun one too.