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Heath Ledger Will Not Appear in 'Dark Knight Rises'

THR: Heath Ledger will not appear in The Dark Knight Rises. And we heard it from director Christopher Nolan himself.

At an awards season party last night for Inception, we asked the filmmaker about a report on a New Zealand website saying that Nolan and Warner Bros. were thinking of inserting unused footage of Ledger as the Joker into the movie. As with anything connected to Batman and Nolan, the rumor quickly spread around the globe.

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-Mezzo-4183d ago

As Much As I Love This Character, I Would Not Like To See It Being Played By Any Other Actor Ever Again.

Heath Ledger Nailed It To Perfection.

Sunny_D4183d ago

I was thinking that the title was so obvious and duh worthy. Lol.

Heath Ledger Will Not Appear in 'Dark Knight Rises'

No way, really? Lol

Anyways, I agree. Heath was such an amazing actor as the Joker. I would become irritated if I had to watch someone try to be like Heath.

lukasz4182d ago

it will not be as good without him but they could find other actors or make up a new villain

darklordzor4182d ago

I was really surprised that this rumor even found purchase. I saw a lot of websites where almost everyone wanted this. I just couldn't believe it. It's just not worth it. Could it be a cool little cameo? Sure, but on the whole, I don't think it's necessary.