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The Giant Octopus Was Defeated, Now Watch The Trailer Premiere For 'Mega Shark Vs. Crocosaurus'

From MTV:

Last year we premiered the trailer for the aptly-titled "Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus," and it wound up being one of the highest-viewed videos we've ever run. Since then we've seen "Mega Piranha" and "Mega Python vs. Gatoroid." Those were pretty good, but they just couldn't match the intense craziness of "Mega Shark." Well, now we're going back to the basics...

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darklordzor4188d ago

OH my gosh! That just looks so bad. I can't believe they're making a sequel to the first one. Oh well, I guess there's no stopping it.

Sunny_D4187d ago

Wait, is this a user made youtube video? Because that's what it looks like. Please tell me it is. Otherwise, movie production is going down the toilet.

TheBand1t4187d ago

It's supposed to be hyper cheesy looking, it's part of the movie's charm

darklordzor4186d ago

Sorry's real! More than that, this production company has already made about 2 dozen films. They are the ones behind the shitty SyFy channel movies and even Titanic 2.

d3nworth14186d ago

Omg Steve urkel haven't seen him in years

lukasz4186d ago

im not really looking forward to that movie it dosint look that good with the effects

lukasz4186d ago

i wonder how much money they will spend in overall

darklordzor4186d ago

The Asylum (the developers of these crappy films) pride themselves and even promote on their website that all of their films are made for "well under a million dollars." I'm thinking around 100K

lukasz4186d ago

the movies with big monsters are very bad in effect and story so no they should just make 1 good movie