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Superman Man Of Steel: Zimmer to Score New Reboot

With news still bleak on the upcoming reboot one thing that is bound to shock fans of the previous Superman outings is that John Williams famous Superman score has been thrown out to make way for Hans Zimmer to bring to the table something new.
Zimmer composed the score for Batman Begins and the Dark Knight, and with Christopher Nolan producing the 2012 reboot of Superman, it comes as no real surprise he would approach the man who did such an amazing job with the score on Nolan’s massive Batman movies.

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darklordzor4183d ago

I'm fairly excited about this. I really enjoyed his work on Batman, so I'm sure he'll do a great job here. I totally agree with him that not including the original John Williams Supes theme is a good idea. While it'll be weird/sad not to hear it in the new film, it is definitely time to move on and bring Superman into a new era, breaking ties with what's come before.

JL4183d ago

Yea. It's definitely best to distance themselves from that old theme. May seem weird at first, but it's something that needs to be done to move on.

That being said, Zimmer is a great choice. I used to dabble in music production some years ago. Couple that with my love for movies and I definitely paid attention to film composers. Zimmer is definitely one of those all-time greats, so this score should be in good hands. Just his work on the Batman franchise has shown how capable he is. Hell, just his Joker theme alone in TDK was brilliant work.

Zimmer's actually one of my favorites. Him and Danny Elfman. And of course, John Williams is still absolutely the man.

But yea, time to move on.

FAT MAN GO BOOM4182d ago

Zimmwe isa good but messing with the master is just wrong williams is the kings of scores and has the most oscars ever won by a single person....

now with the new producer and a new director please god update this series and let it fly....

I sure hope they replace all of the bad actors....

that means everyone....

JL4182d ago

Who are you considering the bad actors? I actually thought Routh did a fantastic job in Superman Returns.

DempseySanders4181d ago

I agree with JL there, Brandon Routh made a great Superman, just the story was poor the film didn't do as well as expected. Kate Bosworth, I like her, but she didn't play a great Louis Lane, plus Frank Langella (I hope I spell his name right) played a great Perry White, which I think many forget. I would be fine seeing Routh return to the role, but its unrealistic at this point he will as they want to step away from all the movies before, which is a shame on Routh but have to agree. Torn.