A Few Reasons Why Mark Wahlberg Could Ruin The Uncharted Franchise

Cinema Blend "There’s very little hope that the Uncharted movie won’t suck and there’s even less hope with Wahlberg being in the lead role, and here’s a few reasons why."

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darklordzor4193d ago

There are many reasons why Wahlberg is a bad choice for this movie. He can do the action, but he doesn't have the swagger or the right attitude for the character...besides which he's not really a 'gamer' type character. He doesn't exude the right amount of geekiness for it. We need someone that really understands the character as well as the game vibe.

Sunny_D4193d ago

You are exactly right. I've been watching a lot of his movies and in all them. He just seems like a lifeless cold character. He has no charisma, attitude, or humor. I don't think he can even cry.

tplarkin74193d ago

Wahlberg is not the problem. It's Nathan Drake. I can't believe this is being made into a movie.

darklordzor4192d ago

Really? You didn't like the game or the game's story? Odd...that's the one thing most people agree on. What was the problem with him exactly?

zoks3104192d ago

I would have gone with Christian Bale or Matt Damon before i went with Wahlberg. My first choice would have been Nathan Fillion hands down.

Hollywood is about to kill the UN franchise.

BlackPrince 424192d ago

Alright this author is a little crazy, a crappy Uncharted movie won't ruin gamers lives, but I agree with most of what he says.

I'm not as big a Fillion proponent as everyone else and I liked Wahlberg in The Departed, but pretty much anyone who's played the games knows the scripting and casting for this movie 10 kinds of

I guess O'Russell never played the game.

Bull5hifT4191d ago

Soo, was Max Payne a good movie, I loved the Games' super BadAss Bullet time.... Loved that cool funhouse level in The Fall, and The Bullet Cam when you'd shot the sniper.... It made those shots satisfying

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