Remembering Irvin Kershner: A Look Back

TheMoviePool is saddened at the loss of the renowned filmmaker, and have decided to take a look back at the short, but immensely impactful, career of Irvin Kershner.

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Sunny_D4195d ago

I think his 5th movie had the best ending out of all of them, because it was so unexpected when Vader said Luke I am your father! NOOOOOOOOOO!

darklordzor4195d ago

I was intensely sad about this all day. Empire Strikes Back is my all-time favorite film, and I loved Kershner as a filmmaker. What he was able to do, was a big reason I decided to go into filmmaking in college. He'll be sorely missed.

Sunny_D4194d ago

Wow, it's so great to see that he was an inspiration for you and probably many others as well. When you become a big name movie maker, I bet you will most likely use his name for when they ask you who was your inspiration.;)

darklordzor4193d ago

I appreciate the confidence! These days I'm starting to wonder whether or not it's an 'if' instead of 'when'. I'm enjoying my editing work and it's doing reasonably well, but being that I'm not a director it's not likely I'll ever be a big name in households.

Sunny_D4193d ago

Well good luck with whatever path you choose and may you live a successful life.

DempseySanders4192d ago

brilliant tribute, he will be missed.