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Twitch: Avatar Extended Edition Blu-ray Review

Critic Charles Webb takes another, slightly longer trip to Pandora with this handsomely-produced set for a little independent space film you might have heard of.

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-Mezzo-4325d ago

Almost all of the reviewers have the same opinion of the Extended Edition version.

Same As Me.

cwebb394324d ago

Yeah, it was a fantastic disc for an aight movie.

Sunny_D4324d ago

Probably getting 7's because of the lack of content it has.

Crazyglues4323d ago

Actually I always felt like Avatar was missing pieces, so this was great, Love the intro scenes... when I saw avatar for the first time I said wow, why does this seem like we skipped some stuff right there... Now I see why..

While it really wasn't needed it does complete things you may have thought was strange that it was that short, if your a serious movie buff like me..

-but have no fear if you have seen the movie you have seen the movie these are scenes that could have been cut, and that's why they were.. Good if you need to see everything but not a must see..