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SPL!NG Movie Review: The American

Bill Murray is the 'American'... no, George Clooney is 'The American', directed by Jim Jarmusch... I mean, Anton Corbijn. Huh, I'm confused?

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-Mezzo-4192d ago

I really did not enjoyed this movie, maybe because throughout the movie i was comparing it to the 007 movies & pointing out the 007 inspired bits of the movie.

Sunny_D4191d ago

I think George Clooney was the first problem. Just because people say George has the looks, doesn't mean he can play James Bond. James Bond also has the charisma which he lacked. But, this movie in no way compares to the Bond films.

spling4191d ago

It was just too slow and uneventful for me... loved Corbijn's movie 'Control', but 'The American' was just too generic and misrepresented in its marketing as a thriller. More like a slow-boiling mystery.