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Avatar Extended Collector's Edition Blu-Ray Review - WGTC

Avatar returns to Blu-Ray in an extended collector's edition. Filled with three discs worth of special features, is this the edition fans wanted? Find out here.

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blur994201d ago

I disagree with the review. This movie is great. Cameron pulls off something amazing.

-Mezzo-4199d ago

I agree with this review, it was just a gorgeous looking SIMPLE movie, nothing more than that.

Sunny_D4201d ago

The movie was like a futuristic Pochaontas in my opinion. It was not his best work, but it's not terrible at all either.

-Mezzo-4199d ago

Agreed, while it is not worthy of all the praise it got, it still wasn't a bad movie.

Sunny_D4198d ago

Indeed, I still think Terminator was his best work ever and I enjoyed very much. tun tun tun tun, tun tun