On Screen Opinion: Red Riding Hood 2011

On Screen shares their First Take of The Red Riding Hood trailer.

Should the non fans be expecting a gruesome/scary horror flick with werewolves and eery snowy forests? Or are is this yet another love triangle between a young troubled girl and two Adonis suitors? The trailer has Twilight written all over it! But then again the first Twilight wasn't too bad, not like the sequel, and then number three kinda redeemed itself again? I am walking straight into this! I can feel the scathing comments already! Any way here's a small take on the trailer!

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OnScreen3789d ago

Love this take on the fairy tale! Amanda Seyfreid sure does make an awesome Red Riding Hood! Are there werewolves in this one?

-Mezzo-3789d ago

Well there better be. lol

NecrumSlavery3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

Amanda Seyfreid is a horrible actress. This looks terrible. Twilight was terrible. holy hell has no one learned how to make a proper grimm retelling other than tim burton?

blur993789d ago (Edited 3789d ago )

When I saw the title I thought wow the "3 bears story", great a family film. Then I saw the trailer. This version is surely not for the entire family. It looks nice though.

-Mezzo-3789d ago

Well, i will skip every Movie that reminds me of Twilight.

blur993788d ago

This is really dissimilar to Twilight.

OnScreen3788d ago

I do hope its a huge big scary werewolf! Not some over grown Police protection beast!

Andy_Elvis3788d ago

Gary Oldman = Werewolf

/end spoilers

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