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Tangled 3D Movie (Gamertell Review)

Gamertell has posted a primarily positive review of Disney's animated 3D feature film, Tangled.

From the review:

"It’s a love story that stars a princess who dances, sings and paints while dreaming, a horse that acts like a dog, plenty of hair combing and a lot of pretty, glittery lights. It should make you gag just thinking about it yet the movie, much like Rapunzel, is far more cute and fun than annoying.:

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blur994573d ago

Wow. This is really Disney's first all CG animated film.
That is a surprise.

Sunny_D4573d ago

Wait what? Then what would Toy Story, Bug's life, Monster's Inc. be? I thought those were CGI? Unless, they are using different technology?

blur994573d ago

I was really surprised too. I think because those were made by Pixar for Disney. Tangled in contrast is done totally by Disney.

Sunny_D4572d ago

Oh that's right. Pixar were an individual studio that was bought by Disney.

-Mezzo-4570d ago

Thats new for me too, going in to watch this with my little sisters on the coming Friday.