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Movies 2010: What TMP is Thankful For

In the spirt of the holiday that's quickly approaching, TheMoviePool takes a look at the things they are most thankful for this past year in the film industry.

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blur994196d ago

That is a kind of a mean list. At least it says Robert Zemeckis passed on doing a Wizard of Oz remake.

darklordzor4195d ago

Yeah I didn't exactly agree with the M. Night one. Even with all of the crap, I still want to have faith in him. It's hard for me, because his early films were a big reason I went to film's not easy to admit what he's doing wrong.

blur994195d ago

Then I wonder if he will train himself to change. As soon as his movies fail to earn much then his chances to direct will vanish.

Sunny_D4194d ago

I know right! M Night movies would always engross me when they first came out. Now, I don't know why his movies stink so much. His ideas are pretty good, but he keeps executing them in the wrong way. I just hope he goes bac to making the great thrillers that he used to make compared to movies he's making now.

-Mezzo-4195d ago

I'm thankful for The Last Airbender. Seriously. Now, M. Night has been exposed for what he is. Plot twist: he's a hack!

I'm thankful the Justin Bieber movie doesn't open until next year. We can still stop it. We can still save humanity.

I'm thankful for Predators. Finally, a Predator movie that's a worthy follow-up to the original.

I'm thankful no one in Hollywood put Paris Hilton in a movie this year. Not even a cameo. Her only work? Voicing an animated character for a TV movie. The character? A dog.

I'm thank-full for all of this stuff as well, Plus the (Scott Pilgrim) movie, it rocked as well.

blur994195d ago

That's a lot be thankful for.

Sunny_D4194d ago

I laughed so hard at the Paris Hilton one. Nice list, I agree with all of them. But, I don't think M Night is a total hack. Okay, he's like 99% a hack, but I still have a 1% hope that he gets pushed in the right direction and starts making classics like The Sixth Sense.

-Mezzo-4192d ago

I myself don't want to dislike, M.Nigh, but his constant flops of epic proportion just doesn't seem to stop.