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Mark Wahlberg Confirms Starring Role in 'Uncharted' Movie

MTV Multiplayer Blog: News has slowly been surfacing about the forthcoming "Uncharted" movie, based on the hit PS3 franchise. The last confirmed information that we received was that David O. Russell, the director of movies like "Three Kings" and this year's "The Fighter," would be helming the project. The biggest question, however, has remained strictly in the realm of speculation: Who would be playing the hero, Nathan Drake? In an interview, Mark Wahlberg gave us our answer.

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darklordzor4192d ago

Why!!!!???? This is such a bad decision. Uncharted was one of my favorite games of all time and I've been really looking forward to this movie...this news has totally killed all of that excitement.

De Niro and Pesci for Nate Drake's Dad and Uncle? we're getting way far away from what the games established. I'm saddened.

JL4192d ago

I'm right there with you. I've not lost all hope/excitement for this movie. This just screams "hey we're making a crappy/generic action/adventure movie, but we're using big names to draw people in anyways". I absolutely HATE this decision. Uncharted the game was awesome. This movie is going to bastardize all that. Thanks a lot Russell.

Not even De Niro or Pesci fit into this. God I hate Hollywood sometimes.

-Mezzo-4191d ago

You are right, thats exactly whats happening, but still much like you i haven't lost all hope for this Movie, (Hollywood You Pull Through Man).

JL4191d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

Oops sorry. That was a typo. That should be "I've NOW lost all hope". Sorry, this becoming official just took all the excitement away and will probably end up seeing this as being a Redbox rental at best for me. That's how truly horrible this news is for me.

Nathan Drake is all about character and personality. Mark Wahlberg has the personality of a tree stump. See how this won't work? It's bad. Real bad. He's tolerable in generic roles that work for people like him. I didn't mind him in Three Kings or We Own the Night or The Departed or even Invincible. But personality he just does not have enough for this role. He's just so....stoic.

Sunny_D4191d ago

I agree with you guys. I think the only good thing that the big names being brought in for the movie can do is that it will get a lot of sales. Thus, it will bosst Uncharted 3's sales by ALOT. Since, now many more people will be aware of it. But, I hope Sony don't start milking it.

blur994192d ago

I really don't he is a good choice for Nathan Drake.
I think someone Leonardio DiCaprio would be better. Though that make break the budget.

darklordzor4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

I don't think even Leo would be that great. Nathan Fillion was perfect for it. Why wouldn't they at least give him a shot?

I mean, even the game developers admitted that Mal Reynolds (Firefly and Serenity character that Nathan Fillion played) was the inspiration for the character of Nate Drake, and a lot of his mannerisms are based off of Fillion' s performance. The man would be perfect for it.

JL4192d ago

Agreed that Leo wouldn't have been good for this. They needed to go with a unknown or lesser-known. Leo wouldn't be right for the part anyways just cause it's not his style.

I never liked Fillion in the role either. Don't know why, just didn't care for it.

-Mezzo-4191d ago

I liked Max Payne movie, as well as Mark's work in it, but he's so not Nathan Drake, neither is Leo, if i was the director i would have gone with an entirely unknown Actor for Drakes role.

But i guess they want to be on the safe side by attaching big names to t he Project.

JL4191d ago

If they wanted to go "big name" route, I could name plenty that would be better in this role than Marky Mark and would even sell tickets better on name alone.

Sunny_D4191d ago

You liked Max Payne, because I think it sucked. I think he was better in the other guys. But, I would have definitely preferred Nathan Fillion.

-Mezzo-4191d ago

Yup, i liked Max Payne, it wasn't all that good but still was better than your average Video Game Movie.

blur994191d ago

He is not Marky Mark anynmore he is Mark Wahlberg. A serious actor.

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blur994192d ago

I just read up on him after you post. He would be a great Nathan.
Also I think Uncharted is perfect for a movie. I hope they can really transform it into a good film.

-Mezzo-4191d ago

Dear God, this sounds like a bad idea, i guess Hollywood is on the verge of ruining yet another Movie based on a Video Game.

Sunny_D4191d ago

When have they never. The best thing I guess I can say is that it isn't directed by Uwe Bowell. LOL, we just have to be patient and hope it turns out for the best.

-Mezzo-4191d ago

I do not see a single good movie in his IMDB profile. DAMN

DempseySanders4185d ago

unsure about this one, I just hope they don't wreck another good game, time will tell I guess